COVID-19 Advisory Services

We have the expertise to guide you through these challenging times.

  • Reopening support
  • Infectious Disease, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Public Health
  • Care Management
  • Employee Wellness Solution
  • Remote Health & Telehealth tools for employees at the office for early identification and recommendation by a trusted third party (HIPAA/OIG compliant)

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Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Verify patient eligibility for RPM program
  • Some conditions in our program: diabetes, hypertension, CHF, COPD, kidney disease, asthma, arthritis
  • Determine medical necessity of wearable device
  • Ensure wearable device is FDA cleared
  • Assess device for usability and positive experience of care for patient and healthcare giver
  • Ensure CMS Remote Patient Monitoring requirements are met
  • Ensure HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations are met

Telehealth Enablement and Revenue Optimization

  • In-depth practice needs analysis for appropriate deployment of Telehealth services
  • Configure customized telehealth program that meets your patient needs
  • Assist with telehealth program delivery and implementation
  • HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform
  • Security awareness training
  • Practice transformation analysis for revenue optimization

Blockchain in Healthcare

Problems with Current Healthcare System

  • Unexpected medical bills due to never knowing how much a healthcare service costs
  • Healthcare providers having to jump through hoops to get paid for services rendered
  • Denials and appeals is a very complex process for providers, let alone patients
  • Increasing co-pay and co-insurance
  • Lack of price transparency
  • Lack of understanding of downstream impact including cost of care being shifted to patients with chronic conditions