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Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Telehealth are the solutions healthcare is looking into to improve care and health outcomes. However, if not done right, these technological solutions can only further contribute to an already fragmented and complex healthcare system.

As nurses and physicians, we are facilitators of quality care. Quality care is not achieved by simply the use of devices, but by responsibly integrating technological solutions in the delivery of care to ensure improved health outcomes.

Our Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth solutions help, not hinder communication and relationships between patients and their physician.

Why Us?

There is no question that evolving technology is transforming healthcare delivery.

As an experienced team of physicians, nurses, and technologists, we are fully aware that technological solutions can have the consequence of impeding, rather than enhancing, healthcare interactions. If not done right, it can further fragment and contribute to discontinuity of care. This results in the patient not engaging with their physicians and the physicians not feeling empowered to care for their patients.

We at Globex Health are committed to improving health outcomes and experience of care by responsibly and thoughtfully designing our solutions. We provide the patients with the right tools to become involved in their health and we provide healthcare providers with efficiency tools to successfully manage their patients.